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how to BEcome 
a better

tech innovator

Hands-on design strategies to create

tech products that people really want!

          Over 70% of tech startups fail. Their products are often hard to understand, expensive, raise (privacy) concerns, or are simply lacking the right set of features.
Innovators can, and must, do better.


Deborah Nas

Deborah Nas | Contact | Keynote Speaker | Author | Thought Leader in Innovation | Consultancy | Sparring Partner | Helps Innovation Teams Become Successful
Tech Innovator's Guide | Innovation tools and methodologies | Innovation techniques | How to design tech products that people really like? | Design Things That Make Sense | book Deborah Nas | boek Deborah Nas
Accelerate Growth | Startup | Scaleup | Innovation team | Corporate innovation team | Tech adoption | Corporate Innovators | Strategic Innovation Management | Consumer-focussed Thinking | Design Thinking | Agile | Scrum | Lean Startup | Innovation Methods | Tech Innovation

for startups, scaleups,

and innovation teams

Develop tech products that consumers love and want to use

Design for technology adoption and accelerate growth

for investors

and accelerators

Ensure product-market fit and speed up value creation

Help agile teams embrace consumer-focused thinking

Event Organization | Congress | University | Design School  | Education | Human-centered | Tech students | Design students | Inspiring and tailored Keynote Presentations | Deborah Nas

FOR universities
and event managers

Mold design and engineering students into better innovators

 Inspire your audiences with impactful keynote presentations

Why do so many new tech products fail? 
How can technology be applied in a meaningful way? 
 What accelerates technology adoption?

Deborah Nas transformed knowledge gained in her 25 years of experience as a designer, professor, and thought leader in technology-based innovation into a practical guide for everyone working in tech innovation.

The design strategies in "Design Things That Make Sense" will guide you in developing successful new products and improving existing products.

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