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Deborah Nas

Thought Leader in Tech Innovation

Deborah is a technology enthusiast, professor, keynote speaker and active participant in the tech innovation space as an entrepreneur, consultant and non-executive board member at startups.


Acting at the crossroads of technology, psychology, and business, Deborah knows how to improve innovation success rates.

keynote speaker

keynote speaker

Deborah inspires audiences through keynote presentations. Using anecdotes and experiments, she helps the audience see things from a different perspective and take on a more positive attitude towards new technologies.


She helps people see how their market or profession is changing by sharing examples from cutting edge innovations and disruptive startups in their field.



Deborah is a Professor of Strategic Design for Technology-Based Innovation at the Delft University of Technology faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Besides teaching students, she is a member of the university’s vision team for quantum technologies.


Deborah is also a visiting professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, teaching students how to work with the design strategies presented in her book Design Things That Make Sense.

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book cut out


Design Things That Make Sense is Deborah’s debut business book. It provides insight into the unique challenges of technology-based innovation and offers a set of design strategies to help tech innovators develop ideas into successful products.


Deborah shares inspiring case studies and insights via LinkedIn and Medium. Follow her on LinkedIn or Medium to stay up to date.

Dutch Innovator

DUTCH Innovator

Deborah has over 25 years of hands-on experience in innovation. After kick-starting her career at Philips and the Dutch incumbent telecom company KPN,  Deborah co-founded and managed an innovation agency for 16 years.


Working with both startups and global brands like Philips, Heineken, and ABN Amro, she knows what is takes to innovate successfully.

Sparring Partner

sparring partner

Deborah acts as a C-level sparring partner for corporates and well-known brands that want to be ahead of the game and future-proof their innovation strategies.


She teams up with startups and scaleups, both on an ad hoc basis, and in formal roles, such as: 

  • supervisory board member at Hardt Hyperloop, Europe’s leading hyperloop development company.

  • advisory board member at Bright River, a scaleup specializing in visual content optimization.

  • non-executive board member at Cre8, a social venture in urban manufacturing.

The Origin of the Book

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