innovator's toolkit

         The Tech Innovator's toolkit helps innovation teams develop great ideas into successful tech products.

The Toolkit is designed for teamwork, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and co-creation sessions

13 design strategies to mitigate consumer resistance

Downloadable Tech. Innovator's Oath


You, the innovator, create new products by applying new technologies. As such, you bear a major role in shaping our world. Your actions and the products you create will inevitably have consequences, whether intended or unintended.


Tech teams should consider their ethical and moral standpoint and hold each other accountable throughout the innovation process, hereby ensuring that they are using their power for good.


You are invited to download the Tech Innovator's Oath, discuss it with your team, and make changes or add elements as you see fit. Make it a team exercise to discuss and sign the oath at the start of each innovation project.

Workshop MANUALS

The Design Things That Make Sense workshop manuals will help you and your innovation team with a step by step approach to successful and meaningful human-centered tech innovation. 

Download the Ideation workshop manual and learn how to use the Design Strategies for boosting creativity and generating great ideas for tech products.


Other workshop manuals, like the Consumer Insight workshop manual and the Market Opportunity workshop manual, will be released throughout 2021.

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Boost creativity and generate great ideas for tech products

consumer insight.

Investigate the behavior and needs of your target user

Market  Opportunity.

Discover opportunities to differentiate from competitors


Create strong product benefits and mitigate consumer resistance


design strategies
card set

The Tech Design Strategies Card Set is the perfect tool for brainstorm sessions, workshops and co-creation sessions. The 37 cards with Design Strategies and underlaying tactics offer inspiration and help you make decisions regarding your product’s positioning.


Most successful tech products rely on two or three Design Strategies from the “strengthen benefits cards”, while other design strategies play a supporting role. Combining too many strategies will muddle your product’s positioning and confuse consumers. In short, choose wisely and keep it simple.


To minimize consumer resistance against your tech product, you should strive to incorporate as many of the Design Strategies on the “Mitigate Resistance cards” as possible. They  become increasingly powerful when applied in combination with each other.


design strategies

This 2-page overview of Design Strategies is a helpful tool at all phases of the innovation process:


It provides you with a complete overview of the 37 Design Strategies, including a short description of each Design Strategy.


  • 24 Design Strategies
    to strengthen your product's benefits


  • 13 Design Strategies
    to mitigate consumer resistance


It is also functions as a perfect reference guide during workshops.

Heart Of Human-centered
Tech Innovation

The Heart of Human-Centered Tech Innovation gives a visual overview of the Tech Design Strategies. It is a helpful reference throughout the innovation process.


The center of the Heart visualizes the 13 Design Strategies to mitigate consumer resistance, as consumer resistance is the core of many tech products’ failures.


Surrounding the mitigation Design Strategies you find the 24 Design Strategies to strengthen your product benefits. Benefits are what make your product desirable.


Choose the Design Strategies wisely to create an easy-to-understand product that people will love!


combine design strategies to



and you might strike gold

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